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Police Drones: Why You Should Add One To Your Department

With all the technological advances happening today, it is easy to under-utilize key tools that are available. One of the biggest advancements today is the use of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) that can make your job easier and produce more effective evidence. These rapidly deploy-able systems while become a critical tool and are already being used by some agencies in the United States already. There are over 146 drones in the United States that are available to consumers, we will take a look at some products that can make your career in law enforcement easier and more successful.

Aerial Crime Scene Mapping:

With certain UAS’s, law enforcement has the capability to create an aerial map of the entire crime scene giving you a bird’s eye view of the site. Sounds difficult? Not hardly. These aerial systems have the ability to set “way points” on a map and fly them autonomously. For example, the DJI Phantom 2 is capable of setting 16 way points with the desired speed, altitude, and activity at each of the way points. While on the way to a crime scene, law enforcement can predetermine these activities getting the most out of the time on scene. Combine this with PIX4D software and you get multi-dimensional capability allowing you to get a 360° by 360° view from any point of the photo. Using an aerial map of the crime scene in the investigation will play a critical role from the fresh file to the court room.

Aerial Thermal Imaging:

They can run, but they can’t hide from a thermal camera. When you get a call for a MISPER in a heavily forested area or have a tactical team ready to clear a building, eyes in the air that can see heat signatures play a critical role in your operations. When lives are on the line, don’t waste time guessing. It takes less than a minute to put a UAS in the air that will give you the upper hand on your subject. The SAR package for the Phantom 2 can give you two cameras in the sky with the flick of a switch, making it easy to use under any conditions.

These are just a few reasons that make Unmanned Aerial Systems a priceless tool for your department. The possibilities are endless and the results are priceless. Utilizing a drone is easier than you think and more cost effective than having a helicopter in the air. Your SWAT team will thank you later.

Computer Monitors – Know Your Options

When it comes to purchasing a computer, there are many things to consider. Not only do you need to choose the right operating system, hard drive, and accessories, but you have a wide variety of computer monitors to choose from. Also called visual display units, monitors are an integral part of your computer and should be chosen carefully.

Monitors display images that are generated by computers and they come in all shapes, sizes, and proportions. The size of computer monitors is generally determined by measuring the distance between two opposite corners of the screen. The size of the screen affects the number of pixels and, in many cases, the clarity of picture. In addition to various sizes, monitors come in a variety of types. The most popular type of computer monitor is the liquid crystal display, or LCD. An LCD screen produces an image on a flat surface by projecting light through liquid crystals. The advantage of this type of monitor is that it consumes less power than other types and has lower glare which reduces the eyestrain of viewers.

A more basic type of computer monitor is the cathode ray tube, or CRT. In order to create a picture, the CRT monitor utilizes many rows of tiny colored dots which light up when negatively charged electrons are shot through the tube. The number of dots per inch is referred to as the “resolution” of a CRT monitor; the higher the resolution, the clearer the picture. This type of monitor was used in many older computers but has generally been replaced by newer technologies.

One of the newest technologies available in computer monitors is the plasma screen, most frequently available in the form of a flat screen display. A plasma monitor works by illuminating tiny fluorescent lights to produce color and picture. Plasma monitors offer high contrast ratios and excellent color. They are also typically compact and lightweight, but frequently consume a larger amount of power than other monitors.

In addition to these varieties of computer monitors, several specialized types of monitor are available. Some computers are able to utilize touch screen monitors on which items can be moved with the touch of a finger. This type of monitor eliminates the need for a mouse or touch pad, but it will require frequent cleaning. The tablet screen is a variation on the touch screen, but it is generally unresponsive to the touch of a finger. Rather, this type of monitor requires the pressure of a special tool or device.

When choosing a monitor, there are many options to consider. Along with size and shape, you must decide what type of monitor will suit your needs. By doing a little research before making your purchase, you can ensure that whatever choice you make will leave you satisfied.

Roku XD – Streaming Video Player Review

With the number of media streaming devices available, it can be difficult to know which one is the best fit. Along with the unveiling of its second generation streaming devices, Roku has become a serious contender. All three players in the Roku 2 lineup are setting the standard for affordable streaming video devices. All three of the devices handle high-definition streaming video, although the XD is the most affordable with 1080p capability. Let’s explore the features of this tiny device, including how it streams high-definition video straight to your big screen.


Each of the Roku 2 devices are approximately the size of a hockey puck. They’re less than 4″ in either direction and less than 1″ high. The weight is approximately 3 oz. The Roku XD does not come with the same gaming remote that comes with the XS model. However, a new gaming remote can be purchased for a nominal price online and will work seamlessly with the XD device. Nevertheless, the standard (non-gaming) remote works just fine with any Roku device since it uses standard IR protocol. You can add the Roku to your universal remote, letting you cut down on the number of remotes you need to track.

The Roku XD offers a high-definition picture quality with a 1080p HD output. The Roku offers good streaming capabilities overall according to reviews. Consumers will find that it is easy to find and watch any of the 350+ streaming channel options on the Roku network.

Other Features

In addition to the 1080p high definition output, the Roku XD accesses streaming media on the internet through your WiFi or Bluetooth connection. The WiFi connection uses the 802.11n wireless local area connection to connect to your high-speed internet connection.

The device can be connected to your television via a standard HDMI cable which is not included. Instead, all Roku devices come packaged with a standard RCA A/V cable. In order to get the best high-definition video and sound, you will want to use an HDMI cable. When you purchase an HDMI cable, you’ll want to verify that it can handle the 1080p HD output offered by the Roku XD.

The Roku XD also offers an SD expansion slot, allowing you to store more channels on your device. The expansion slot makes it easier if you decide to upgrade your Roku device. Your channels and preferences can be stored on the SD card or on your online account and will sync up when you install a new device and log in. If you get a second device for another room, you can simply log into your account and find the preferences that you have saved for your first Roku device, making setup easier the second time around.


The majority of the online Roku XD reviews confirm that the device is easy to set up and use. Overall experience with the Roku 2 XD is positive, especially for those who already have a high speed internet connection. Thousands of consumers have reviewed this product online and the vast majority have said they would recommend the product to others. It is clear that the Roku XD is making its mark on the online video streaming device market.

What Dual Core Technology Means To You

Both Intel and AMD are putting on a big advertising push for their dual core processors. The commercials and print ads sound as if a new world is being opened in personal computing. But what does dual core technology mean for the average user?

The term “dual core” is self-explanatory. You have two computing cores in one processor. Having two cores means your computer can perform two different tasks at the same time efficiently.

For example, let’s say you’re into video editing in a big way. You’ve just finished a movie sequence, and you want to compile all the clips, render special effects, and do all the things required to upload it to the web. In the meantime, you want to work on a 3-D animation you’ve been trying to get right.

With single core, your CPU would be bogged down. It simply couldn’t handle it. But a dual core can do it as efficiently as two separate computers. Each core has its own cache, allowing the toughest chores to be done simultaneously.

All this computing power can give everyone in your home a chance to be on the computer at the same time, if you set up a multiple workstation system. You could be playing your favorite game, while your child does their homework, and your spouse surfs the web.

Perhaps the best part of all is that prices for dual core chips and systems have started coming down. Now, the astute bargain hunter is likely to find a system well within their budget.

Safety Tips to Building a Computer

There are some important precautions you should take into account when building a computer to ensure the safety of you and your computer parts. This article gives you some helpful tips on building your computer in the safest way possible.

Stay Safe With Electricity

Electricity is an important issue to consider with dangerous implications for those who ignore it. When building your computer, be 100% sure that the power supply is disconnected from the mains. Also make sure that all network cables and telephone lines are disconnected from the computer.

Another electricity safety tip is to only turn the power on to your computer when the case cover is on. Don’t ever work on the inside of your computer with the power plugged in and turned on.

Be Aware of Static Electricity

Static electricity is a real hazard than can cause significant damage to your computer components. To prevent this from happening, follow these simple tips:

– Always wear an antistatic wrist band when building your computer.

– Keep sensitive components in the antistatic bags that they came with, and only remove them from the bag when you are ready to install that component.

– Try to handle your computer components by their edges only.

– Avoid building your computer in areas of high static such as carpeted areas. If you can, try to avoid wearing clothing such as those made of synthetics as they may create static.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

These days, building a computer doesn’t require many tools at all. But if you’re going to be using a tool, make sure you use the right one for the job. Some tools that you may need for assembly are:

– Phillips screwdriver

– Flat nose screwdriver

– Pliers

– Antistatic wrist band (highly recommended)

– Nut driver (optional)


After reading this article you should now be aware of the main safety issues you need to consider when building a computer. Follow this advice and you will greatly reduce the risk of damaging your computer, or yourself.

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Causes Of Data Loss And Storage Devices Damage

There are a lot of storage devices used to store data but the most common used ones are the CDs, DVDs, memory cards, memory sticks and undoubtedly the hard drives. All these storage devices have on major flaw in common, they are not infallible and this means that the data stored on them can be lost or damaged through a number of unforeseen failures. Fortunately, there are companies that employ data recovery specialists that can recover your data by using special techniques, software and tools. Data recovery can sometimes be performed by the user of the damaged device by using software but there is a high risk of failure that can result in permanently erased data or damaged storage devices.

There are a number of conditions that can cause a storage device failure and they include heat, water, impacts and power interruptions. Other causes can be viruses.

Heat damage will usually be caused by fire but in the case of electronic devices and storage media, overheated equipment is the cause in most cases. For instance, in room with an ambient temperature that is too high, the air cushion thickness will be reduced by the air pressure. The hard drive heads might touch the recording plate and data will be damaged or lost.

In the case of hard drives, this kind of damage can also be caused by physical shocks or high vibration levels.

Most drives, but not all, have a seal that goes around the sides of the drive. If the seal is broken, the drive if prone to environmental contamination. The air is not very clean and with a damaged seal, particles from the air can grind the recording plate generating corruption or lost data.

If a hard drive is wet, water damage can occur even if it is turned off. Water is corrosive and will damage the metals found inside the hard drive generating microscopic pitting.

Data recovery specialists have both the required skills and the resources to perform a successful data recovery operation. This ensures a good chance that if you experience any data loss you can recover the data, be it sentimental data or business related information. The best advice is to keep a backup of the data that is important to you, this way you can avoid the expense of data recovery. If a backup is not available, expert services provided by data recovery specialists is a must.

All About Lucent LC Connector

Lucent LC Connector made of fiber developed by Lucent. The external appearance of this connector is very similar to that of a small SC connector. It was first developed by Lucent Technologies for the TelCo environment.

The small size of the Lucent LC Connector makes it easy-to-handle. This 1.25mm diameter connector is significantly superior to other connectors and it has been designed for use in single mode applications. It makes use of the RJ-45 telephone plug and users can make both simplex and duplex configurations in it. Here is a look at certain specific features of LC Connectors:

• It comes with a single set design and has the push and pull mechanism just like the usual RJ.

• It has features that comply with industry standards.

• The connector clip can be detached for the purpose of connecting simplex or duplex connectors.

The purpose behind developing this is to meet the growing demand for high density fiber optic connectivity that is needed on wall plates, distribution panels and equipment bays. The connector has to be easy-to-use and the connection should be made quickly, which is possible with this connector.

Lucent Connector is available in beige and blue color shades and it can be used in LAN, CATV, MAN and WAN applications. There is also the feature of customization wherein you can find some connectors having attributes that make it more suitable for certain applications over others.

It has the facility to accommodate various types of cable fibers. The kind of cable fibers that it can accommodate include 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 2.9mm and the 900um tight buffered one. Just like any ceramic ferrule connector, it can be terminated using an adhesive. This is favored over others because of its good performance. The click connectivity of the connector makes it the perfect choice for high performance networks.

Understanding Different Kinds of Computer Hardware

Different kinds of hardware have their different levels of importance, but before we delve into the types we need to first look at the term itself and understand what it means. Computer hardware simply put is the physical component of the computer. For you to be able to be reading this right now means that your computer has the physical components required for the software or programmes to work.

We will discuss briefly some of the different kinds of hardware that you will most commonly encounter such as:

o The Circuit Board or Mother Board: This is where the main processor of your computer is located and it is on this component that most other hardware feed off.

o The Hard drive: This is your computer store house, so in other words this is where the data that helps your computer to function properly are kept. Data that you generate as you use your computer are also stored here.

o The Cd/Dvd Drive: This is also another kind of storage facility that supports a different kind of data and storage type.

o The Cooling fan: This is often times located on the top of your mother board/circuit board, and just as the name suggests serves as a coolant. When your computer is on it generates heat just like the engine of your car and it is this cooling fan that is tasked with making sure the computer does not get over heated.

o The Memory Chip: This is yet again another part of your computer brain that handles information stores information needed for the proper functioning of your computer. This also supports the general speed of your computer…so a small memory means a slow computer.

o Keyboard & Mouse: This is the component of your computer that helps you with the input of data (such as typing) and navigation. So in other words this is the means for communicating with your computer.

Listed above are some of the different kinds of hardware that you are likely to encounter more often, but there are lots of other hardware that might not be directly a part of your computer but is used along side your computer and attached by means of an external source. So if you do not have proper computer hardware you will naturally find it impossible to install software or run a program on your computer.

Optimum performance of your computer is dependent on the type of hardware you are using. These different kinds of hardware affect affects the computer in diverse ways, but the circuit board has the most influence on the speed of your computer…why? Because like I mentioned earlier the other components mostly feed off the circuit board so if the circuit is rubbish there is a tendency for your computer output to be rubbish.

Most computer hardware can be upgraded as individual components, which means if for instance you notice that your storage space is getting smaller you can purchase an extra hard drive to back up the first one or you can completely change the hard drive for another.

The Guide to Choose a Good Computer Keyboard

Computer keyboard is a very important part of the computer system. It allows you to communicate with the computer. Without a computer keyboard, even a computer with the best configuration is also equivalent to a useless piece of metal.

If you are using the computer for normal daily word processing or email reading, then any keyboard is suffice and it is advisable to get the cheapest one around. However if you are using it for gaming purpose where you will be spend hours pounding on it, then it is worthwhile to spend a little effort and time to search for the best keyboard around.

Most of the keyboards use PS2 connection. Some of the later model uses USB2.0 connection. Though it does not make much difference, using a PS2 keyboard can free up your USB2.0 slot for other devices. If you always move your keyboard around, then there the wireless keyboard might be suitable for you.

Computer keyboards come in various shape and size. Choose the one that is best suited to your needs. Ergonomic keyboard was designed to bring comfort to the user. They come with natural wrist alignment to rest your wrist in a more comfortable position. If you are a frequent computer user, you can consider getting a ergonomic keyboard.

For gaming purpose, it is advisable to get a gaming keyboard. The thing to look out for is the in-game control and hot keys programmability. A good gaming keyboard such as Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard allows you to have a lot of control over the gaming execution. It has 18 keys for hot keys programming and also comes with a LCD display to give you a clearer view of the game information.

Zboard Gaming Keyboard is also another good gaming keyboard that comes with an extra gaming key set for First Person Shooting and action games. The various function keys can also be used to program various commands in one button. Its user-friendliness enables gamers to accustom to it in a very short time.

Frequent multimedia user can also benefit from the various types of multimedia keyboard available in the market. These keyboards have extra shortcut keys to give you full control of your favorite media player or video playback. Logitech Media Keyboard has a full range of multimedia shortcut keys that gives you convenient access to your entire favorite player. I am quite surprised that a keyboard with so many functions is only as cheap as a simple keyboard.

Choosing a computer keyboard is actually a very fun thing. Take your time to go through the various keyboards and you will be able to find the one most suitable for you in no time.